Lalbagh Kella

Nawab Shaeyesta Kha he made this fort. Name Lalbagh Fort. In local language it's called Lalbagh Kella. Lal means Red, Bagh means Garden and Kella means Fort. But at the primary stage this fort called Aorong Bad Fort.

Nawab Shayesta Kha's beloved daughter name Pori Bibi. It was decided to get married with the Azam Shah he was the Mughal Great Emperor Aorongojeb. After completed maximum this fort his daughter died. The he meant this fort is inauspicious. As a result of this fort off the job. Pori Bibi, was buried inside the fort. Nawab Sheyesta Kha retired in 1688 and before departed he donated his asset with this fort to the heirs of ownership of the building, In 1844, a semi-government organization called Dhaka Committee began work on the development of the fort. At the time, the fort became known as Lalbagh Fort. Lalbagh Fort in 1910 and preserved as an architectural wall was brought under the Department of Archaeology. 

It was renovated in the eighties And is opened to the public for the trip. One of the best beautiful Mughal architecture in Dhaka. Now visitors can go there to visit this Antiquities everyday except Sunday and Monday (half open). There have   center court (Darbar Hall), Grave of Paribibi, Shahi Masque etc. 

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